Tsu Surf Vs Jc Battle 2013 - Illmaculate vs Bigg K - King of the Dot 2014 - Loaded Lux vs Hollow Da Don - U DUBB. Yung Ill along with Aye Verb and Hitman Holla got their first break when Lionz Den's Founder Loaded Lux booked them for "St Louis vs New York". Tsu Surf sits JC down, JC decides now's a good time to act tough. RUIN YOUR DAY MERCH - https://www. 1K likes, 344 loves, 168 comments, 446 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from URL - The Ultimate Rap League: Tsu Surf VS Charlie Clips! Where do these MCs fall on your top? Should they 74K views, 1. [Round 1: Conceited] Why would anybody think he blue flaggin’ knowing that this kids a fraud? There’s not a nigga in here that think ya lines real (reel) like a fishing rod If it’s beef I bring the sticks like a shish kabob Why would anyone think he really crippin’ for? If …. They're a distant cousin of those slam poetry/ spoken word poetry fans. Top just had too many 10-4s in his 1st. Tsu surf vs jc full battle of z; Tsu surf vs jc full battle full; Tsu surf vs jc full battle 2; Tsu surf vs jjdd; Tsu surf vs jc full battle videos; Tsu surf vs calicoe full battle; Homes For Rent In Thackerville Oklahoma. Surf is just another lost nigga. Click on "Discover articles" (if prompted) - It will open a popup titled "Interesting articles from the web!" - Click the black X on the right hand side. The two veterans have called each other out at different times over the years and now meet at a critical point in their careers. Watch battles from URL, KOTD, RBE, and more. The New Jersey battle rapper has finally broken his silence stating: “I prolly never step on a stage again. I do not own the rights or footage included in this video. Watch TSU SURF VS CALICOE | FULL BATTLE from TIL DEATH DO US PART, URL. Ima re watch it again tho now to see if i catch more. Tsu Surf has pleaded guilty to violating New Jersey’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act. ly/Sub2UltimateRapLeagueSMACK/URL PRESENTS:SMACK/ URL is the leader of the MC Battle culture …. I liked his 2nd and how he ended it was fire but it wasn't better than Surf's imo. He said, what's up with me, Tsu and you URL (suin' URL) I said, it's getting settled with Cort' (court) You watched me when you stepped off the porch. Jc vs tsu surf full battle; Tsu surf vs jc full battle for wesnoth; Tsu Surf Vs Jc Full Battle Full. subscribe to ultimate rap league ⇩http://bit. sbfull This thread is archived New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A More posts you may like. JC can do absolutely nothing with surf like at all. Will John John be able to withstand an avalanche from the fan favorite or will he be able to. Will try to post the ones with most upvotes. They both been calling out Lux for years and this could’ve been the deciding factor of who deserves him more. They're basically saying JC is a better puncher than a writer (structure is set ups, round structure, transitions, etc. Surf deserves to NOT battle Lux. Does Tsu Surf REALLY deserve Lux? : r/rapbattles. 5SAT OCT 13TH LIVE ON PAY PER VIEW @ WATCHBATTLELIVE. Lastly, Loaded Lux and Aye Verb both performed on various. Stream Loaded Lux vs Tsu Surf (Lux Only) by Tyler on desktop and mobile. There’s no angle or magic punchline that’s gonna make that spoken word poetry hit harder than surf shit in front of a rowdy crowd of niggas that’s there to hear that rowdy shit. I simply added subtitles for further understanding and appreciation of the art form. com/user/HipHopIsrealuniverseSUMMER MADNESS 12 WITH TSU SURF AND TAY ROC!!!TAY ROC VS SWAMP ROAD TO URL SUMMER MADNESS 12!!! THE FINAL CH. Calicoe but Mook backed out the day after the battle was announced because he didn’t feel like he had enough time to write for Eazy and give the performance he wanted to. The key difference between between two is that Geechi took more clear L's than Clips, and has fewer bodies against top tiers. The two veterans have called each other out at different times over. 635,479 views ; U Dubb Network. Once upon a time they ain't rate you. Here >> 🎥🔗 Nu Jerzey Twork vs Tsu Surf. be/dhzgYm5gSskHollow Vs Aye Verb - https://youtu. Comment a battle you want to see posted. Below is a list of all of JC’s battles in chronological. Tsu Surf vs JC (Summer Madness 12 Promo) [Flashback]#TsuSurfVsJC #SummerMadness #RapBattle. Tsu Surf (real name: Rajon Cox) is an American battle rapper from Newark, New Jersey. When Mook Proved His Legend Status vs Tay Roc | URLTV. Trust me that shit took me forever but that shit do work! You gotta go back to the same exact explorer page. IF "Download an App" Step appears. Jail ain’t for nobody! I even say “Free. #loadedlux #tsusurf #url ** Road to 20,000 Subscribers**HATCLUB SPONSER - https://bit. Twork, Rum, Day & Cal Want That Shotty Smoke!! Ms Hustle vs Loso & More. [Round 1: JC] They asked me what I think about Surf Surf let's play Swear To God Swear To God, that because of you when niggas get to chokin' we just don't think of Surf No Swear To God, the beef and backstory to …. Also JC has been on an absolute killing spree this year after beating Cor, Glu, Bankhead, Suge, and a debatable with Saga (although I edged it to JC after a few rewatches). I wanted to hear what he would’ve said. tsu surf vs cortez | urltv url. I came wit' three vicious rounds. be/ZE1U1L8wTk4THE TEAM Follow. JC Best Of 3 Rounds #summermadness #BattleRap. URL BATTLE WEEKEND | 3-DAY EVENT TRAILER | URLTV. Calicoe "the wizard" or whatever he calls himself now is ass. Cortez should of caught a body 10 years of waiting & that’s what he brought wow! Tsu tsu needs go against JC or Bdot. ly/Sub2UltimateRapLeagueSMACK/URL PRESENTS:The leader in MC Battle culture releases another competitive match up. This battle took place on October 28, 2018 at the world-renowned Brooklyn venue, Barclays Center. com/chigssmoothJOIN MY DISCORD AND LETS CHAT:https://discord. I fuck with Jersey, of course, they dig my Flava Flay. JC Best Of 3 Rounds #summermadness #BattleRap #summermadness, #battlerap Battle Rap & Chill #LIVEWATCH #BattleRap. I only joke cause I'm bored, I amuse myself. ly/jersey21 High School, Movies and Custom Made JerseysFacebook: https://www. Surf vs jc - Dood Link (2023) exclusive Content | battlerapsht | Linkvertise. Watch TSU SURF VS NU JERZEY TWORK FULL BATTLE from SMACK VOLUME 9, URL. JC VS TSU SURF (SUMMER MADNESS 12) URL TV. Non-stop punches and haymakers flowing together, rapping through crowd reaction, and that Surf-exclusive. JC Best Of 3 Rounds #summermadness #BattleRap #summermadness, #battlerap. be/08JpEP0XQZ8Best of Tsu Surf PART 2 https://youtu. This how we know y'all ain't the same. Surf 2-1 but the one is the second round cause they both only had 12 bars i caught. com/user/HipHopIsrealuniverseSUMMER MADNESS 12!!!THE TEAM Follow C. Just for stepping on the stage he gets 12. Eliza Versa Talks Qleen Paper, How Lux And Danny Myers Changed Her Career, She Goes Hard & GTA. TSU SURF VS JC FULL BATTLE Reddit Bootleg. Discussion, Battles and Media for the international battlerap community. JC Reveal!!! Battle In The ">URL Summer Madness 12 Tsu Surf Vs. Geechi Gotti vs Loaded Lux Calicoe vs Tsu Surf Gattas vs Jaz The Rapper Real Sikh vs Pat Stay Nu Jerzey Twork vs Tay Roc Rum Hit me up on face Taltun Taltun and I will messenger u the battle of gatas and geechi, I put it both on …. 5: JC VS B DOTUPCOMING EVENTS: SOOOOO MUCH!!!FOLLOW THE. Nu Jerzey Twork vs Tsu Surf Eazy the Block Captain vs K Shine DNA vs Real Sikh Charlie Clips vs B Dot Casey Jay vs Viixen the…. Summer Madness 12 - Tsu Surf vs JC, Tay Roc vs Swamp. JC” by URLtv was written by Tsu Surf & JC (Battle Rapper). In this heavyweight battle, Tsu Surf brings his intricate rhyme schemes and captivating wordplay while JC brings an undeniable flow and charisma. One Of The Greatest Bar-Flips In Battle Rap History 🔥🔥🔥 | URLTV. He currently has 24 battles catalogued, which total 56,555,868 views. Tsu Surf Vs Jc Full Battle Of Z. ly/sub2ultimaterapleaguesmack/url presents: tay roc vs pat stay upcoming events: url presents resolution cassidy. com/tsu-surf-vs-jc-full-battle Tags: None Top …. Tsu Surf Vs Jc Full Battle Wiki. Shotgun Suge, and Danny Myers . Tsu Surf Notable Bars: “You like to play swear to God / I wanna play swear to God too / Swear to God we wasn’t in Detroit and you said Joe. Dame gives a CLASSIC breakdown those bars, recapping Loaded Lux's 3rd vs Tsu Surf in Nome 10! Thoughts and comments welcomed!!For EXCLUSIVE CONTENT SUBSCRIBE. The main reason is that Surf choked, the Covid rooms being done for the first time might’ve had an affect on people’s experience, and of course, one of the greatest battles ever happened right before it. The think pieces I’m seeing across the TL regarding the Surf vs JC battle have led me to this conclusion. com/user/HipHopIsrealuniverseURL Civil War 2 Card!Ish'Milly, level 2 live studio performancehttps://youtu. Watch official video, print or download text in PDF. When you die, you better hope that you sent to that God I'm into. To DONATE & SUPPORT THE CHANNEL Cash App - $BattleThonEntwww. JC will Beat Tsu Surf at Summer Madness 12. But with the way The Caffeine Era is right now, it aint gonna be that way, and I know it. TSU SURF VS JOHN JOHN DA DON. The grim reaper hit my beeper he need a body he need it in a. [Round 2: JC] It took you way too mothafuckin' long to man up And the whole time I let you paint this wrong Lockpick the do' eeeeeerrrrr, it's yo' favorite song But you need a new one The kid you. All these battle rap beefs you. Cal lost all 3 rounds by thousands of votes and his rounds do not hit the same on watch back. Opinion] tsu surf vs jc @ 2022. Credit to Roll Up with Dutch Twitter space Twitter space fair use only Like comment subscribe #summermadness #tsusurf #JC. Guntitles vs Loaded Hollows made a ton of sense. ︙ SUMMER MADNESS 12 - TSU SURF VS JC Live Premiere 1 Year Ago 16K Views 1:43:30 JAYBLAC IS HERE!! CIVIL WAR 5 Days Ago 31K more #battlerap 1:07:50 KOTD BLAC OUT 8 EXECUTIVE REVIEW 2 Days Ago 154K 1:01:48 KOTD BLAC OUT 8 WITH JAYBLAC 4 Days Ago 12K 02:38 KOTD BLAC OUT 8 WITH JAYBLAC 4 Days Ago 3,029 1:43:30 JAYBLAC IS HERE!! CIVIL WAR 5 Days Ago 31K. com/user/HipHopIsrealuniverse #UM5URL UM5 EVENT ULTIMATE MADNESS 5 ROUND 1Ish'Milly , We lowered the priceshttps://youtu. Surf need to take his lil record deal, and bounce. Surf’s popularity has even grown to the status where Cleveland Cavalier point guard Kyrie Irving is giving him a (rare) assist, asking his 2. Tsu Surf Vs Jc Full Battle Two of the most formidable lyricists in the game, Tsu Surf and Jc, take to the stage to test their lyrical dexterity in an epic clash of rhymes. 👇🏾CLICK BELOW FOR TICKETS👇🏾🎟🎟https://www. Yall think he can continue his run? What was the hardest bar of this round? To see. Video in this thread TSU SURF VS LOADED LUX | Rap BATTLE @hiphop. The event was organized by URLTV and was streamed live on their YouTube channel. So far there were only two battles that were announced. Tsu Surf and Jcs Full Battle is an action-packed hip-hop clash between two of Americas most prominent emcees. Event: Smack/URL Presents NOME 3: Hollow Da Don vs. And most think I can't match his wits. TSU SURF VS SHOTGUN SUGE UDUBB EBC. JC Is A Better Big Stage Battler Than Small Room Battler. TSU SURF vs JC #fyp #battlerap #tsusurf #von3tymes #viral. JC reminds me of the 49ers, a slower paced attack that lulls defenses to. 99[upcoming events: super fight saturday oc. ago • HOW TO WATCH Click on link in post (next to 👉🎥🔗) Click on "Free Access" (You DO NOT need to purchase Premium). FULL BATTLE & REACTION Below‼️‼️‼️ https://www. 🤷🏽‍♂️ Overrall didn't prepare, he even went all in vs Snake Eyez, a random battle. You keep showin' up to battles wearin' all these fuckin' costumes, nigga you got issues. 13), Fox 5 New York reporter Lisa Evers confirmed that the veteran battle rapper was arrested around 1:30 p. #BattleRap #BlackCompassMedia #HipHop #2022 #exploreFollow Black Compass Radio @BlackCompassBCMOIN BLACK COMPASS DISCORD - https://discord. Tsu Surf VS Nu Jerzey Twork! **App Exclusive** What was Surfs best quotable from this battle?? Download the URLTV app to see the full battle!. Over 450+ Battles Transcribed! Toggle Sidebar. LeBron James calls Hamas TERRORISTS and prays for. He called him out in January and JC declined. When You Bring a Break Dancer to a Rap Battle 😂🔥🔥 | URLTV. This material does not belong to me. Eazy The Block Captain finished as a close runner-up, while Tsu Surf, Rum Nitty, and A. r/FORTHECULTURE_2036: Watch free full rap battles online from URL, KOTD, RBE, iBattle, WeGoHardTV and plenty of others. While JC is on a historic 15 battle win streak. The reality is John John is an extremely consistent battle rapper. He currently has 79 battles catalogued, which total 29,032,538 views. BREAKING: Smack announces Tsu surf vs jc, For Summer Madness 12. post new topic sections: hiphop 359. I told 'em put "Fried by the best" when they write on the stone, like a diamond test. Nu jerzey twork vs tsu surf full battle. com/user/HipHopIsRealUniverse 🐸Tsu Surf and Chess In JerseyTSU SURF REACTS TO MURDA MOOK & BRIZZ RAWSTEEN SUMMER IMPACT ALTERCATION - WHO’S T. These two competitors wanted to battle so bad that they couldn't …. JC Best Of 3 Rounds #summermadness #BattleRap #summermadness, #battlerap @LondonJennn: Tsu Surf vs. 2016 - Tay Roc & Tsu Surf 2017 - Rum Nitty & Ill Will. These two are masters at controlling the pace of the battle, Tsu Surf is like the Kansas City Chiefs, it's a high powered offensive attack with incredible moments of explosion that just break and wear down defenses. The Super Bowl of The MC Battle culture returns!!! Summer Muadness 4 ( SM4), SMACK/ URL has put together an action packed weekend of MC battles that are sure. Although the event never went down, their names were there to …. so all that con talk about surf just to end up with jc actually being the con 🤣. Con', that mean I hold the clips. com/shopMaking his return to the microphone, one of Jersey’s most respected MCee’s Tsu Surf. ago HOW TO WATCH Click on the link on the battle page (next to 🎥👉). When he randomly pop locked I wanted to throw a tomato at him 🤦🏾‍♂️. While Im assuming content means conTEXT; which means what the materials MEANS. com/user/HipHopIsrealuniverse #sm12 T REX RECAPS TSU SURF VS JC SUMMER MADNESS 12 BATTLE!!!Ish'Milly, level 2 live studio performancehttp. com/e/url-born-legacy-tickets-9483285763. 43M subscribers Subscribe 999 47K views 10 months ago #battlerap #URL SUBSCRIBE to. Former member of rap crew Dot Mobb before a high-profile move away from the group. Tsu Surf is becoming a star not just in battle rap, but in the mainstream rap industry as well, and is in the running for a coveted spot on XXL’s Freshmen magazine cover. [Round 1: JC] Hey, have y'all ever seen, me versus Charlie Clips? That's gon' be a very familiar scene today If y'all don't know what I'm talkin' about I'm gon' lead the way See I destroyed the. Besides, he gave JC an opportunity but he backed out. The 50th Featured Charts Videos Promote Your Music. I'm real as it get bitch, the only thing I'm fuckin' up tonight is this bitch. Daylyt Lyrics, Songs, and Albums. Video in this thread Tsu surf vs john john da don full battle @hiphop ↪ Surf vs John John Surf got this 3-0. com - Hitman Holla spoke with VladTV Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes about his upcoming Summer Madness 4 battle vs. FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: https://www. Both emcees have polarizing fanbases. A exchange between Tsu Surf & Fonz and wanting to battle each other turned into New Era Vs Smack Era for December potentially. Tsu Surf DISRESPECTS Battle Rappers JC and Quban For Trying To BATTLE. Page 3-Video in this thread Tsu Surf vs Cortez Rescheduled - Civil War 2 - May 7th @hiphop post new topic. Flashes of JC and white, I'm feelin' righteous. Tsu surf vs jc full battle star; Tsu surf vs cortez full battle; Sensed In A Way Crossword Clue. Going down, September 24th, in Charlotte, NC. He was not arrested in Operation Rodeo by the U. #GetYaBarzUp #BATTLERAP #tsusurf #tayroc #kobe #824 Please Subscribe to GetYaBarzUp Media The World's #1 source for hiphop,battle rap, and sportsFor support. Jae Millz vs Mook deserves consideration, as does E Ness vs Iron Solomon. JC getting obliterated against Tsu Surf. However, it’s impossible to ignore the danger, the sheer persuasive gangster of Twork when he is truly in the zone. Tonight at 9 in Los Globos, URL presents To Live and Die in LA. The gourmet neighborhood close to all grades of school. Today everybody dies, no ops sparin'. @ Kyu @ ZeusSlaps @ Don Kaliko @ chrismb @ GoldBluded @ KING JAYY @ Ari Gold @ El Caballero @ AC SLATER @ J. SUBSCRIBE to ULTIMATE RAP LEAGUE ⇩http://bit. In it, he rebutted that his arrest at the. Beat you the fuck up, you know, water whippin' Roc (k) I'm real as it get bitch. Soul Khan rematch and Aktive vs. summer madness xiii roundtable :tay roc, hollow, dna, ave, t-top , john john, suge jerry wess |urltv dna vs jerry wess face off. TSU SURF SPEAKS ON EVERYTHING AFTER SUMMER MADNESS 12! JC. THE WORLD'S #1 FAN OF BATTLERAP!!! GIVE THIS VIDEO A THUMBS UP!! SUBSCRIBE & FOLLOW!TSU SURF VS NU JERZEY TWORK SMACK/URLTV #Volume9 RAP BATTLE - REACTIONNU. com/user/HipHopIsRealUniversewith Tay Roc & Tsu Surf and Chess in New Jersey,!to get you latest M3S3 gear visit -https://www. SONG - Lu Castro - Flood The City | Shot By YaBoyClip - https://www. JC Headlining the event is a match-up years in the making, New Jersey's Tsu Surf vs. ly/Sub2UltimateRapLeagueSMACK/URL PRESENTS: THE STRIKE 2. vs conceited is a top 10 battle for me (maybe top 5 battle on some days) and is my #1 by far. Unbias Review takes a look at the Summer Madness 4 battle between Hitman Holla and Tsu Surf. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. About Press Copyright Contact us Press Copyright Contact us. vs x-factor is also seriously impressive, and while his performance is spotty i think hitman is #3. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. But I feel like with the legacy position he’s in rn Surf is motivated and might wanna take John John head off to show that the Lux and 40 battles were missteps. 40 barrs and Tsu Surf have been going back and forth for months and finally meet on the worlds most respected. @jayblac: summer madness 12 - tsu surf vs jc #battlerap. #urltv is holding their event right now in #neworleans #battleinthebayou and they’ve made some 🔥🔥🔥 #announcements for #Summermadness coming up#tsusurf vs. The sad fact is that Surf is gonna “3-0 Clear Body” Cortez and nobody gonna give a shit because its Surf. This app only shit is not good when the card has this many top tiers. The leaders of MC Battle Culture SMACK/ URL release another dope match up from their recent Born Legacy event. be/_TAiqhsIHwAPat Stay - https://. ly/sub2ultimaterapleaguesmack/url presents: summer madness 11 exclusively on the urltv app for just $7. Battling Cortez can’t be big money either. UW FaceOff Surf Vs Calicoe #HIGHSTAKES 1. He currently has 53 battles catalogued, which total 32,870,600 views. " Mad it took me 4 years to get him I shoulda got him in 2. Tsu Surf vs Charlie Clips JC vs Tay Roc K Shine vs Yung Ill B-Magic vs Ill Will Ticket Info: http://www. Video in this thread Tsu surf vs john john da don full battle @hiphop. footer-imprint-headline footer-terms-of-service footer-data-headline. subscribe & follow the world's #1 fan of battlerap!!tsu surf vs geechi gotti nome 9 classic smack/url rap battle - reactionstsu surf clipped with all 3 round. Tsu Surf On Shotgun Suge vs. com/watch?v=9DekDBsktuc --~--this was a historic bat. He even claim a street who, 2, 800 miles from the one that raised you. body { -ms-overflow-style: scrollbar; overflow-y: scroll; overscroll-behavior-y: none; }. The Leaders of The MC Battle Culture Bring you One of the biggest grudge matches In battle rap history!!! Tsu Surf vs Tay Roc is finally happening on Sat May. Cortez Announced For URL’s Any Given Sunday 2. However, I have Surf 2-1 over Rum. [Round 1: Tsu Surf] As the river flows, so goes the salmon. 11 replies @sports: 41: Lil Reese shot 6 …. 1 year ago '10 #23: ironhead x5 36 K 3 K. tsu surf vs jc up next #sm12 #summermadness #summermadness12. Discuss the latest battles, news and PPVs from URL, KOTD, Don't Flop and more. Y'all gon' hold the door for us so get Roc(k)ed. - Might have to wait 10 seconds. Tsu Surf 2nd lyrics (Excerpt) “For me to be a loc, It's ironic I seen plenty red. me/0a716e8fSONG - Rum Nitty - https://www. Cor was cookingred was just in another zone during that time. summer madness xiii roundtable :tay roc, hollow, dna, ave, t-top , john john, suge jerry wess |urltv url. It will open a popup titled "Interesting articles from the web!" Click the black X on the right hand side. Witness the Epic Tsu Surf Vs Jc Full Battle: Who Will Come. com/user/HipHopIsrealuniverse #sm12 HEAD ICE IN HARLEM NEW YORK!!!THE TEAM Follow C. The two emcees went at it for a full three rounds, and it was an exciting battle to watch. ly/Sub2UltimateRapLeagueSMACK/ URL PRESENTS: ARSONAL VS GEECHI GOTTISMACK/ URL PRESENTS: BORN LEGACY 8SAT SEPT 2. I'mma talk that Pistol-vania shit and how we'd get ya down. This match up is between Tay Roc (Baltimore, MD) and JC( Pontiac, Michigan). TSU SURF VS NU JERZEY TWORK FULL BATTLE. Battle rap card review for URL's "Summer Madness 12". Check out r/RapBattlesReddit for more battles from this card. Calicoe Snappin vs Tsu SurfSubscribe 👇https://bit. You the second Pontiac I fucked up, I got bad drivin'. ly/Sub2UltimateRapLeagueSMACK/URL PRESENTS NOME 8 DNA VS JCLIVE FROM HOUSTON, TXUPCOMING EVENTS: SM8 SAT NOVEMBE. I seen the grim reaper, you don't fit the persona. Regular Weez (12-5-2009) 2010 #3. JC VS TSU SURF FULL BATTLE. That was a bad one, but it was a gentlemans 30. We are gathered here today to mourn and then to bury. 0:00 / 5:09 TSU SURF vs JC SUMMER MADNESS 12 REACTION Battlerap Hold It Down 6. Check out battle ppv events: But a prepared surf is a problem. Geechi Gotti [Lyrics] [Round 1: Geechi Gotti] {Geechi snatches the coin out of the air} Nigga you’se a bitch! Aye, y’all know who got the fire rounds Y’all came to see me light the pound. On the phone talking 'bout his death. Surf have "powerful delivery" while Holla only have "delivery". When he kne Eazy was gone say Torenio, Eazy didn’t say what he wanted to say. Calicoe & Eazy The Block Captain) Lyrics. The tension was just right and the momentum shifts make it an interesting back n forth. If you take a pregnancy test before you miss your period, you may not get an accurate result, despite what some tests advertise. But, there are other names to battle Lux. Tsu stop munching rock jus sound good. Ironically, Tsu surf came with all 3. It's been close to 5 years these to have been going back and forth. ly/Sub2UltimateRapLeagueSMACK/URL PRESENTS THE STRIKE 2. SMACK/URL PRESENTS : TSU SURF VS BIG T | URLTV. Surf needs to be humbled, no bullshit. Shykes @ Slick Flair @ classicgstyle @ Verse @ fallguy @ Ace Tu @ Rockstar718 @ BadIntentionz @ introspekt757 @ CartelFamill. If Surf doesn't choke its a body. TSU SURF VS JC just got worse / WOW / DAYLYT has words …. Please enable / Bitte aktiviere JavaScript! Veuillez activer / Por favor activa el Javascript!. Jesus flip, Yeezy kicks: I can really boost your soul (sole)! 'Cause I got charisma, punches and a flow that's cold! Boy, they knew he was gonna lose Round 1. TSU SURF VS NU JERZEY TWORK FULL BATTLE 🎥🔗 Nu Jerzey Twork vs Tsu Surf (Link updated to fix buffering issue) Check r/RapbattlesReddit for more from Smack Volume 9 33 48 comments Best Add a Comment Gangtitles • 2 yr. Drake Announces Biggest Ever Battle Rap Event w/ URLTV. Swear To God, that because of you when niggas get to chokin' we just don't think of Surf. (0:00) Tsu Surf vs 40 Barrs(18:00) O'fficial talks greasy(39:00) Ave says he will battle Ryda(60:00) Jaz Joins the show. Tay Roc and Tsu Surf (Gun Titles). smack/url presents:smack volume 9saturday 12/18/2021follow the movement ⇩@urltv @smackwhite @beasleynyc @rain910 @pepilapugh @rapbattlecast @belikeike @nunu_. but he always saying Elementary to me. com music, videos, stats, and photos. Surf asking for 70K to battle JC is the equivalent of a nigga saying "I cant fight until I find my vaseline" Reply OtherShade • Tsu Surf should get punched in his face if he drives a Tesla or another electric powered vehicle cause he gets free gas refills for life. You catch a fan of yours and fry 'em in the street. In our last episode, we discussed if JC is hurting his own chance to battle Aye Verb, Loaded Lux, and Tsu Surf? Are they scared of him? France talks more abo. Them niggas be actin’ like you got no lines Shit, I’m a fan, I remember when you used to slide up like a dancer You ain’t that same nigga from ’09 I remember when you used to give John John that “is he dead” kick [K] That was fire [D] I mean am I buggin’, or do y’all niggas wanna see the old Shine? Well if that’s the case I. COM/RUINYOURDAYNOWRewards:$5 (RYDerz) - Unedited and unreleased Watch Batt. Bootleg rap battles from all leagues. JC vs as well watch this video that came out in 2012 of JC auditioning for Chris Stokes because it comes up in every single JC. In "SUMMER MADNESS 11" Watch TSU SURF VS JC FULL BATTLE from SUMMER MADNESS 12, URL. Surf has seen way scarier people than JC. Oct 11 - Nearly nekkid prostitutes prowl streets in b. You just another nigga in Titled feelin' entitled. com/user/HipHopIsrealuniverse #sm12 TSU SURF AFTER SUMMER MADNESS 12 BREAKS DOWN EVERYTHING!!!THE TEAM Follow C. Battle in the Bayou URL - Geechi Gotti Retires? - Tsu Surf Vs JC Exchange - Fans call in live (Podcast Episode 2022) on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more Menu. TSU SURF vs JC SUMMER MADNESS 12 REACTION. The electric Tsunami Surf is coming off the best run of his career and is on a 9-0 round streak via the URL App. Im gonna make this a game and have one of you guys guess which battles I watch the most based off some fire bars. Genre Hip-hop & Rap Battle Rap. 90 days, 9 near flawless rounds and 30s on each opponent. DNA Night of Main Events 2 Young Kannon vs. JC vs Tsu Surf Rd 2 SurfJupiter . Set for the event is Tsu Surf vs. "I'm a different sort of legendary with a modern pedigree, you trippin on an era we transitioned from successfully, think he was the best MC in a form that's dead, now he a withered corpse a relic we just digged up from the cemetery. Live and free, only on Caffeine. com/HitmanHollaFOLLOW THE RIOT BATTLE LEAGUE FOR MORE!!! - ht. #tsusurfvsjcurltv #tayrocvsswampurltv #Stumblesvsshotgunsugeurltv #urltvliteworkdropsummermadnesscard #dizaster #vsgeechigottigtx #qleenpaper #vsawardgtx #ks. Geechi Gotti Says Tsu Surf Is Going To Lose To Jc. Summer Madness 12 - Tsu Surf vs JC, Tay Roc vs Swamp Surf and jc could be battle of the year potential I got 21 either way tbh. Tsu Surf vs JC: The Ultimate Rap Battle. Calico VS Tsu Surf dropped on the APp. ly/sub2ultimaterapleaguesmack/url presents:tay roc vs calicoesummer madness 5follow the movement ⇩@urltv @smackw. WHEN SH*T TALKING GOES WRONG FT JC VS TSU SURF. TSU SURF VS YOUNG ILL (ULTIMATE RAP LEAGUE)TSU SURF VS DNA (ULTIMATE RAP LEAGUE)TSU SURF VS X FACTOR (ULTIMATE RAP LEAGUE)TSU SURF VS K SHINE (ULTIMATE RAP L. 👉🎥🔗 John John Da Don vs Tsu Surf from Summer Madness 11. I have Surf in the first and Nitty in the third obviously. TAY ROC VS CALICOE SMACK/ URL RAP BATTLE. UW Battle League is back at it again with its original promo series "the FaceOff" featuring Newark New Jersey's Tsu Surf vs Detroits own Calicoe. tv) CORRECTION: A day after this review, I recalled a Swamp battle that I saw this year or last. Like JC had no business being up there. Tay Roc VS Danny Myers Tsu Surf Shots#ReviewReport. And since then it has been one of the biggest and most influential battle rap leagues in the world. com/user/HipHopIsrealuniverseURL'S "BATTLE IN THE BAYOU" EVENT!!!THE TEAM Follow C. Surf is just the more talented and skilled battler imo. The Ultimate Rap League is the world's most respected MC battle arena. Tsu Surf VS Cortez! Who Caught This Battle?! What Yall Scoring It? Who Surf need next? Comments. be/NyNsjrAWhzQSuge Vs Chess - https://youtu. Rum Nitty But won’t battle jc or iron. After years of intense Rivalry, Tsu Surf and Cortez sync up for epic face-off heading into Battle Raps 4th Quarter of 2021. TSU SURF VS NU JERZEY TWORK FULL BATTLE">TSU SURF VS NU JERZEY TWORK FULL BATTLE. 792K subscribers in the rapbattles community. Battle in the Bayou URL - Geechi Gotti Retires? - Tsu Surf Vs JC Exchange - Fans call in live (Podcast Episode 2022) Quotes on IMDb: Memorable quotes and exchanges from movies, TV series and more. Sub-Forums Topics Posts Last Post; Hall of Shame. That’s something i couldn’t wait for. came bearing gifts; monopoly; url. Tsu Surf - "At My Mother's House”(Prod. ︙ SUMMER MADNESS 12 - TSU SURF VS JC Live Premiere 1 Year Ago 16K Views 1:43:30 JAYBLAC IS HERE!! CIVIL WAR 5 Days Ago 31K more #battlerap 1:07:50 …. Fonz/Nitty? +1 1 year ago '14 #24: Supaman 1987 9 K 3 K. Courtesy Of Keller Williams Realty Ardmore. Geechi Gotti Crowned Best Battle Rapper Of 2021. ly/Sub2UltimateRapLeagueSMACK/URL PRESENTS:SUMMER MADNESS 6HITMAN HOLLA VS K-SHINEFOLLOW THE MOVEMENT ⇩@URLTV @S. I dont think its the greatest but its certainly an essential battle with some of the most iconic rounds ever. Be lucky if a nigga lets you win a round. Talking about the possibilities of Tsu Surf vs Loaded Lux and ask is this a matchup to be excited about. I ain't glorifyin' that cause that's some shit I don't condone nigga. Tsu surf vs jc full battle pictures; How Many Months Is 10. Renowned for their battle rap skills, they have been paired up against …. TSU SURF VS JC https://watchrapbattles. Release Calendar Top 250 Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Movie News India Movie Spotlight. I come through the Midwest cruising, X all Factors. The Tsu Surf Vs JC Full Battle was a rap battle between two of the most popular hip hop artists in the industry. Surf 39)Shotgun Suge 40)Shotty Horroh 41)Cortez 42)Brizz Rawsteen 43)Swave Twork (That entire battle vs JC), sheesh) is one. TSU SURF VS REGULAR WEEZ round 1. Dizaster vs Eazy going down on GTX BOTBX. Watch Hitman Holla vs O-Red: https://w. Video in this thread Nu jerzey twork vs tsu surf full battle @hiphop. any given sunday; app event 1; app exclusive; banned; battle in the bayou; born legacy 3; born legacy 6; born legacy 7; born legacy 9; born legacy nw; civil war; civil war 2; close quarters 2; down to the wire; genesis; home 4; homecoming; initiation 2; kings vs queens 3; lite. smearing his ballsweat on his opponent’s face. Whether Smack or URL era, not many can do this. TSU SURF VS JC TRAILER (FREE ON @CAFFEINE 9/24/22 3PM EST. GO-RILLA WARFARE presents THE CROWN 2 | 11. JC Lyrics [Round 1: JC] They asked me what I think about Surf Surf let's play Swear To God Swear To God, that because of you when. Watch on Caffeine, the home for live sports + community. By the way keep making these bro they are dope. com/piperboywilliam#PIPERBOYWILLIAMSThis is a new channel. Surf said he wouldn't battle Cortez unless he needed money for his daughters' birthday. TSU SURF VS JC FULL BATTLE 🎥👉 Tsu Surf vs JC from from this event at r/RapBattlesReddit This thread is locked New comments cannot be posted 36 18 18 comments Best reachalot GodTier • 1 yr. Tsu Surf has taken a plea deal as part of a larger RICO case, which still puts the acclaimed battle rapper at risk of spending up to 30 years in prison. And Recap Article of Summer Madness 12 will be available on Letstalkbattlerap. But a prepared surf is a problem. subscribe & follow the world's #1 fan of battlerap!!!welcome to the land of the fanatics ladies and gentlemen!!tsu surf vs loaded lux smack/url #nomex rap ba. You got into it with Qleen, he went off, and it was tumble weeds and. [Round 2: Tsu Surf + T-Top] He ain't no legend, we don't care about his past work You only good as your last battles All his battles been ass-dirt Disrespected my gloves, like I ain't put in mad. He just said the name and kept going to the next line. Both rappers bring their own unique styles to the mix, with Tsu Surf offering a ferocious flow filled with highly technical lyrics, while JC brings an intensity and aggression that keeps the crowd on the edge. 1K views 11 months ago #tsusurf #urltv #jc FULL BATTLE & REACTION Below‼️‼️‼️. The fact that JC went in front of the camera right before this battle talking about we about to see something we never seen before and shit was gone get dark, and then came with that performance and energy. Most important battle rapper of all time: I consider this a necessary exercise, because of the growth and change we have seen in the sport, all of it. TSU SURF VS NU JERZEY TWORK - TRAILER Reddit Bootleg. Tsu Surf’s career as a battle rapper saw him rise to prominence within the community, garnering a loyal fan base that admired his unique style and lyrical prowess. Page 2-Video in this thread Tsu Surf vs Cortez Rescheduled - Civil War 2 - May 7th @hiphop. ly/Sub2UltimateRapLeagueSMACK/URL PRESENTS:SMACK VOL. You fuck with the Tik Tok, I'm on my shit Roc. TSU SURF VS JC TURNT😳 Into A COLD-BLOODED MASSACRE🥺 SMACK/URLTV #SummerMadness12 🔥 BATTLE - REACTION. Surf vs Geechi was a dope battle, but overall the pen game just isn't on the same level. TSU SURF SHAKING THE BUILDING ON JC SUMMER …. Drake Partners With the Ultimate Rap League to Launch Rap Battle …. Great convo with Tsu Surf and battle rap fan about the upcoming battle! #tsusurf #battlerap #summermadness Subscribe to DexViewTV - www. Comment and share your favourite lyrics. 2015Aye Verb vs Tsu SurfCharlie Clips vs Big KannonMath Hoffa vs Bigg KLady Luck vs O'fficial Daylyt vs O-RedIl. tech ↪ Surf vs Cortez via watchrapbattles. 1K Likes, TikTok video from #FREETHEWAVE (@battlerapfiend123): "#jc #tsusurf ##summermadness12 #FlexEveryAngle". Who do you think would win the battle? 0:00 - Tsu Surf Responds To Cassidy, New Era Smoke & MORE. SUBSCRIBE to RAP LEAGUE ⇩http://bit. TSU SURF VS GEECHI GOTTI RAP BATTLE. TSU SURF VS JC TRAILER (FREE ON @CAFFEINE 9/24/22 3PM EST ">TSU SURF VS JC TRAILER (FREE ON @CAFFEINE 9/24/22 3PM EST. “And ima mister miyagi crane kick Daniel son” 😂😂😂😂😂 Crazy battle but Danny got it 2-1. One of the battles was Tsu Surf vs JC. ago Jc thought that roller blading angle was gonna kill him 😂😂 SourceLOOPS718 • 1 yr. Yung ILL - Smack/URL - NOME Battle Of LA 5 (BOLA CINCO) Math Hoffa vs. #tsusurf #jc #summermadness12 #url #battlerap #appgang #barz #delivery #schemes #punches #angles #losangeles #newyork #philly #newjersey #caffeinetv #caffein. NOME9 Proves That There Are Levels To This Rapping Stuff. co/zzNAT3lxhI #hiphopnews #hiphop #breakingnews #barsisback #battlerap #battleraptawk #urltv #15mofe #hiphopisreal. I’m not gonna sit around and imagine scenarios where surf is 100% because he hasn’t showed that in a while. URL - The Ultimate Rap League posted a video to playlist Classic Battles. when he hit the milly rock it was over!!!. com/@BATTLERAPCRAZY2/membershipCASHAPP £BATTLERAPCRAZYhttps://www. TSU SURF VS JC AND IT WAS OVER AFTER THIS!!!!. He will eventually battle JC he's just talking shit. I’ll leave a golf ball hole in one when I grab iron. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright. I just came here so he wouldn't lose. #tsusurf #JC #SM12 #url #summermadness #rbe. com/user/HipHopIsrealuniverse #sm12 TSU SURF AFTER SUMMER MADNESS 12 BREAKS DOWN EVERYTHING!!!Ish'Milly, level 2 live studio performanceh. Please watch: "Top 10 Most Entitled Karens Embarrassing Themselves on Camera Part 2" https://www. These weren’t the easiest predicted battles for Surf going in especially considering his quick turn around time per battle (30 days per battle). Update on battle rapper Tsu Surf. I said, dig it now, you midget clown. com/CONTRIBUTE TO RYD STUDIOS - PATREON. All Tsu Surf Battles ; Go-Rilla Warfare. So you'll never stand a Chance, man. "JC, UM5, he won it with ease". NJT vs Suge was mad dope and I'd say it's in contention. Tsu surf vs jc full battle star. The kid you knocked out the playpen grown. This battle was crazy who did you have winning this battle Geechi Gotti or Tsu Surf?Who should there next opponents be?INSTAGRAMhttps://www. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. ” Well, I could think of a few verbs, for the niggas that think they ill I come through the Midwest cruisin' X all factors, hit all men tryna holla—. The worlds most respected Battle Rap and Independent Artist media outlethttps://paypal. Tsu Surf & JC Headline URL's Epic Summer Madness 12 Event. One Of The Greatest Bar-Flips In …. JC VS CHARRON FULL BATTLE Reddit Bootleg. Cause my hood is loyal and they'll cookin' all you (oil) once this Wesson pop. Watch JC vs Gauge, presented by Go-Rilla Warfare: https://www. He say She say, man tell her that nxgga dead!.